$1650 (monthly payment plans available)

  • $415 Down payment required at sign ups (day of tryouts)
  • $1235 paid in full  November 25th
    • Payment Plan Options – $415 automatically charged in December, January, February (requires banking information on file)

Southside Players Receive:

* Uniforms (2 Jerseys, Practice T-shirt, Sweatshirt)
* 1-year Courthouse Fitness Membership (a $360 value, gives athlete access to all five club locations, all group classes, and all facilities)
* Nutrition Education
* Practice during Christmas and Spring Break

Tentative Tournament Schedule: 

December                          Friendship TBA
January 6th                       PLQ #1
January 19th-21st        Seattle
February 2nd                    PLQ #2
February 16th-18th     Eugene
February 24th                  PL #1
March 16th                        PL #2
April  6th                              PL #3
April 27th-28th               Regionals PDX
May 10th-12th                Corvallis


*All Power League Tournaments are run by CEVA. We will not know the location of the tournament until approximately 2 weeks before each tournament.